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Cassie Crail

Cassie is a Customer Success Partner at Glean.
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Case Study

With Glean, Laika’s Finance Team is Ready for Growth
By Cassie Crail on November 3, 2021

Laika, a fast-growing compliance startup, has a lean finance and accounting team of one. Glean provides the automation and visibility their finance manager needs to scale successfully...

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Case Study

Glean Streamlines Insurance Provider Thimble’s AP Workflow
By Cassie Crail on September 14, 2021

Fast-growing insurance provider, Thimble, automates their AP process and gains huge efficiencies.  

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About Glean

Why I Joined Glean — Artiom Tarasiuk
By Cassie Crail on June 3, 2021

The Glean team consists of a talented group of data engineers, engineers, data scientists, designers, product managers, and of course, finance professionals distributed across multiple...

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Accounts Payable

3 Easy Steps to Make Accounts Payable More Strategic
By Cassie Crail on May 17, 2021

Including the questions that every AP team should be asking themselves To get an edge in accounts payable, you need an intelligent accounts payable process that not only makes you a more...

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Vendor Management

How to Better Control Your Vendor Spend
By Cassie Crail on May 17, 2021

As your company scales, managing vendor spend becomes more and more challenging. This is because a lot of your vendor spend grows as you grow - your customer base, your marketing spend,...

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With Glean, you get line-item level insights to make better spend management decisions.