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About Glean

Glean empowers businesses to realize the full potential of their vendor relationships.

Our intelligent spend management software provides finance teams and budget owners with:
  • Full visibility into the drivers of vendor costs (e.g., items purchased, quantities, unit pricing, etc.)
  • Relevant, non-intuitive insights on every bill that we call “gleans”
  • Fully automated approval and payment workflows, covering vendors paid by both AP and credit cards
  • An unprecedented level of accounts payable collaboration, leading to better vendor budget decision making
  • The most value from your vendor relationships
Glean is for any finance professional or budget owner who has ever wished they could drill-down into their Excel data in one or two clicks. 
Use Glean to understand, manage, and lower your vendor spend. Start gleaning today to create a healthier spend culture within your organization.

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How Glean Works


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We analyze your invoices

We use machine learning to provide you with contextualized analysis and strategic insights we call "gleans."

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You save time and money

Unlock spend intelligence when we analyze your vendor costs at the line-item level.  and make smarter spend decisions

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